Backpack Food

Food must be single portion, child-friendly (easy to open, non-perishable, no heating or refrigeration required).  The school district requires there be no peanut butter or nuts.  All food must be in sealed containers or wrapped – we cannot give food items such as fresh fruit or items that may have been opened before the child receives them.

Items going into the backpacks:

  • Capri-Sun Drink
  • Pudding Cups
  • Yoo Hoo Drink
  • Fruit Cups in 100% Fruit Juice
  • Apple Sauce Cups
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Cheez-It Crackers
  • Cereal Boxes/Bowls
  • Rice Krispy Treats
  • Bread Sticks and Cheese Snacks
  • Chef Boyardee Mac and Cheese With Flip Top (Small Can)
  • Mini Ravioli or Beefaroni with Flip Top (Small Can)